Environmental Results

The original Bay Harbor development significantly improved the environment.  Current efforts are providing even more protection for Northwest Michigan's natural resources.

The water collection lines installed at Bay Harbor and East Park are monitored regularly to determine their performance in eliminating pH readings above 9 in the lake. That monitoring is done using methods developed with the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA).

The system is performing extremely well with readings routinely less than pH 9 over the vast majority of the site.  While there may be occasional pH readings above 9 in the future, recent results are a dramatic contrast to the dozens of pH readings above nine that were recorded in 2005, before CMS Land began its work at the site.  All but one of the health advisories originally implemented at the sites have been lifted.

“These important environmental accomplishments are the result of a lot of hard work and substantial investment,” said CMS Land President David Mengebier. “The reopening of East Park, the lifting of health advisories and the on-going results demonstrate that the remedies we have installed over the past five years are working well.”

Additionally, CMS Land estimates that when it is done installing all of its proposed remedies, the trace amounts of mercury making its way to the lake will be reduced about 80 percent; to roughly the equivalent of two nickels a year.

More than six years of data collection and installed remedy performance was analyzed by CMS Land and compiled into the Remedial Investigation and Alternatives Evaluation (RI/AE) documents.  This scientific information was used to develop the proposed final remedies contained in the Alternatives Evaluation for East Park and the Bay Harbor development.  A Regional Stakeholder Group comprised of citizens and organizations interested in the project spent more than a year reviewing the work at both sites and in late 2010 issued a majority opinion supporting the type of remedies CMS Land proposed as final remedies.

The EPA approved the RI/AE for East Park on April 19, 2011 and for Bay Harbor on May 9, 2011. 

CMS Land and the MDEQ reached an agreement on June 13, 2012 that established the final remedies and future remedy performance standards for the site. The agreement transferred project oversight to the MDEQ from the EPA.

Following final construction activities in 2013, the project shifted into a predominately water collection and treatment, and monitoring operation.

Next Steps

Local residents and officials gathered to celebrate the official reopening of Resort Township's East Park on June 20, 2009. 

Next Steps