The History

The site now known as Bay Harbor and Resort Township's East and West Parks was once home to a limestone quarry and cement plant that operated from 1904 to 1980.

When the cement plant closed, the original owners left industrial equipment, debris, piles of cement kiln dust and many of the old buildings deteriorating on the site, putting the area’s natural resources at risk. The environmental blight was readily apparent and the site was described as a "moonscape."

In 1994 the Bay Harbor Company began work to redevelop the site along its five-mile shore and to protect the bay from the effects of the dust left behind.

With plans approved by the Michigan Department of Natural Resources and then-Attorney General Frank Kelley, the clean-up work began. The site was cleared, and the piles of cement dust were consolidated and shaped to reduce the amount of water flowing in and out. The piles were then covered with soil and incorporated into the design of Resort Township’s East Park and the nationally recognized Bay Harbor Golf Course.

The original development and current environmental work make the project a recognized brownfield redevelopment success story. The redevelopment effort transformed an environmentally blighted area into two public parks and a world class resort that draws tourists from around the world.

The Bay Harbor community has more than 600 property owners from 24 states and three countries. It directly employs 700 people annually with an additional 700 contractors and service providers. Bay Harbor has paid more than $180 million in property taxes since its inception through 2013.

The Beauty of Bay Harbor

Although it's hard to believe when you look at them today, Bay Harbor and Resort Township's East Park were once the site of an abandoned limestone quarry and cement factory. All that changed in 1994 when the blighted moonscape began a transformation into what is now a world class public park and resort community that draws visitors from around the world.