What Happens to the Collected Water?

CMS Land collects an average of 150,000 gallons of water a day. In the first years of the project the water was treated to lower the pH to a level similar to milk of magnesia and about 15 truckloads a day were sent to a deep injection well in Johannesburg, Mich. Collected water also was sent to the Traverse City water treatment plant until April 2010. CMS Land was spending about $6 million a year to collect, treat and dispose of this water.

Trucking the treated water off-site was not an ideal, cost-effective, long-term solution and it increased truck traffic on Northwest Michigan roads. The public agreed that a local solution to the local concern was the best course of action and CMS was granted permits to treat and release the water locally.

CMS Land began operating state of the art water treatment facilities at Resort Township's East Park in October 2011 and at Bay Harbor in March 2012. The systems are operating in compliance with their permits. Please see the news release section for more information regarding this milestone.

FAQs regarding the Antrim County Well
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